Hydro protective cream


A softening formula, delicately perfumed and rich in natural plant extracts with restorative, emollient, and calming properties. The valuable nourishment from Almonds and rice confers softness and hydration even to red and irritated skin in children and adults. Enriched with shea butter, Calendula, and extra virgin Argan Oil, it helps restore the skin’s hydro lipid film and enhances the skin’s ability to bind water and reduce the trans epidermal water loss ( TEWL ), to re-epithelializing and nourish the hydrolipidic skin barrier. It’s formulated with “PEG FREE” plant- based emulsifiers from olive oil and wheat protein, which give the preparation extraordinary dermocompatible properties. The cream performs a positive soothing and healing function and the skin feels immediately softer and more elastic after applying.


75 ml tube


to apply in the morning on the cleaned face massaging it in a circular way. For external use. Keep out of the children.

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