Euronatural has more than 30 years of experience in the field of NATURAL.
Our departments of production and packaging are highly specialised in the realisation of a wide range of natural cosmetics and dietary supplements lines in the forms of drinks , capsules, and stick packs.
The innovation of LIQUID STICK PACK are the new trend in single-dose drinkable products that are ideal for small and medium doses (filling quantity 10 to 15 ml ).Stick packs can be emptied almost completely, they are easily consumed without the use of a glass or cup, their size means that they are small enough to be kept in a handbag or pocket, and their wrappers have a low environmental impact, making this type of packaging increasingly popular with consumers. An identical philosophy of customer approach, but two distinct research methods: a scientific manager with his staff and supply of equipment for the dietary-nutitional area, and the same for cosmetics. Both have the discipline of sixty years of experience that have origins in pharmaceutical culture and techniques, to be adopted according to the qualitative-quantitative formulations, active ingredients, availability and costs of the raw materials.


Feasibility studies concerning the production process are accompanied by on-line and bibliographical research, the collection and analysis of documentation conducted by experts who work on this full time. Euronatural provides a complete service: raw materials from certified suppliers, quality control of incoming batches, notifications to the competent Ministry before starting production, with an evaluation of the entire process; involvement in the functional selection of packaging; creation of technical and scientific information associated to sales.

Natural products which derive from the wise balance of tradition and innovation, of nature and science. The respect for the environment and for our consumers is always at the first place, the quality of our products is certified by a Warranty card. Production quality but also respect for the environment and the land:  it has also acquired the Certification of Environmental Management System UNI EN ISO 14001. Euronatural is also a part of the voluntary International “Responsible care” program, which monitors the implementation of principles and conduct regarding the safety and health of employees and environmental protection. The commitment also involves the disclosure of the results achieved towards continuous, significant and tangible improvement.

Sustainable development Euronatural works in a socially responsible way so that the community in which it lives and the territory in which it works can look towards a long-term future, to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations. We are faithful to our history, rich in herbal millennial methods, but we are looking forward the future, for the Technologies that we allow to grow. This quality certification highlights the ability to:

  • Produce and supply the products ordered by customers in the quantities requested
  • Control all processes that determine the acceptability of the products supplied
  • Identify and prevent, with suitable actions,risks to the quality of the products
  • Focus on continous improvement of the quality of the products and service